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Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo

Mar 29, 2019

To be an entrepreneur is a tough job especially if you are still starting up a business. You have this vision board that translates your mission to achieve your desired goals and income. The vision you had from the beginning would look really enticing and simple, but once the real process is coming into place, the struggles come in. In this digital era, hiring an assistant has been made convenient. Outsourcing has been the most reliable source to make this turnout. Daven Michaels has a pool of remote employees all ready to assist entrepreneurs with their daily tasks and allows them to have more free time. Known as the “King of Outsourcing,” he runs 123Employee and goes into details on how outsourcing can help small businesses economically hire and grow. Daven shares the different types of outsourcing and the effective ways you can train remote employees. Besides introducing his two big projects on the works, he’s got a big surprise for all the listeners. 

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