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Your First Thousand Clients with Mitch Russo

Jun 22, 2018

Why is now the best way to grow revenue with online courses and corporate digital training? And is there a way to achieve this in a culture that demands authenticity? Isaac Tolpin reveals ways of disrupting EdTech by aligning online courses with human behavior. Isaac is one of the Founders of, the #1 Micro-Learning platform for influencers and companies. He’s a tech entrepreneur and futurist at heart, on a mission, enabling brands to authentically connect and inform at scale with over 105 million in combined revenues from the companies he’s helped build. His success comes from understanding the relationships between human behavior, business and technology. This expertise has helped celebrity influencers and companies to transform their knowledge into humanized digital training. His recent background includes being a keynote speaker, digital marketer, and EdTech disrupter through the pioneering Micro-Training technology, Learn from Isaac’s real-life experiences before his success on how to overcome massive entrepreneurial failure, and come back to battle stronger and better prepared.

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